Spidey Senses Sunday…

So I’m sitting at home after lunch on a Sunday as the rain drives in on my window.  I notice that the reason for the driving rain is that the wind has turned offshore.

I had earlier been up at sparrows to get to Mystics beach at Minimurra in time to shoot the South Coast Body Surfers monthly womp.  Sunrise had greeted us with a mushy wind blown swell trying its best to coax keen bodysurfers into the inconsistent 2-3 footers.

Back to the present a quick check on Magic Seaweed revealed 3-5 ft swell, dead low tide offshore wind. Spidey senses start to tingle.

Should I fire up and head into North Gong where if Magic Seaward was right the Alley would be going off? Time to trust the little voice and get on in.

Well the decision didn’t disappoint. Wading into the waste deep water at the southern end of the beach to be greeted by set after set of fast close outs.


Here’s a few of the Spiderman antics of those brave souls willing to take them on.